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Treatment Plans 

Homeopathic Treatment
Treatment Plan- Integrative Healing Approach
  • Effective treatment plans are valuable as we journey together through your healing journey.

  • Having multiple sessions works to alleviate a condition or chronic pain.

  • Treatment plans provide the game plan, to achieve your goal.

Treatment Plans

Treatment plans provide feel the results.

  • Formulating a treatment plan takes into account the initial uptake assessment

  • Assessment procedure

  • Goal setting

  • Midway through the treatment sessions, there will be a Mis Session Assessment. This will allow for forward planning on the next steps within our goal setting to take.

To get started, follow the simple steps set out below.

1. Download an initial intake form- no fee is required at this stage
2. Book an initial assessment session 
3. Treatment Plan
The type of treatment plan will be discussed first with your therapist
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