Mindfulness Masterclass

Sign-up to our introductiory  Mindfulness Masterclasses, coaching sessions today,  no fee to you offer (normal price £35.00). Classes will be run using Zoom.

Do you suffer from low mood?

Do you have symptoms of depression?

Have you found yourself struggling to keep into a routine?

Has your anxiety levels increased? Or has it decreased? are altered from one area and put onto another?

Are you anxious to meet other people?

Are you facing challenges? From work-related, home, family and friends, economic?

Co you feel stressed from minute to minute...?

Do you have difficulty in keeping focus...?


You could be a parent your child’s school has been closed, but you still have to go to work. 

You may have to go to work, meet many people social distancing measures are in place your livelihood is on the line.

You might even be an overwhelmed healthcare worker on the frontline of care.

Or you may have had to self - isolate, or work from home and each day become monotonous.


We live in a time of change in an uncertain world, which affects us in all areas of life from our homes, family, health and economics. Change can be daunting and can affect our sense of reality- as you know it, your plans for the future and your present state that you are in now.


Mindfulness Masterclasses will help you move through uncertainty with more grace, calm, unlock your body and free your mind.


 Coping with change is about building resilience, emotional to be less reactive and more responsive in the face of uncertainty and frightening times. Mindfulness helps to improve your mind, body and heart connections and strengthen intuition. Improve communications and to form more positive relationships and to cultivate self-love, self-compassion, self-worth


 Our Mindfulness Masterclasses, aim to provide a friendly environment, a community to discuss, listen and engage. After each session, you take with you worksheets to continue your session within your home environment. Cultivate self-love, self-compassion, self-worth

Mindfulness Masterclass

4x 45 minutes Sessions

Introductory offer £10.00 a session, paid in full- (Value of £45.00)


  1. Clear Mind Masterclass- Looking at the inner peace, calmness to be more responsive in the face of uncertainty and positive choice-making.

  2. Pain-free Masterclass-Overcoming obstacles positively.

  3. Unhealthy coping strategies v healthy coping strategies Masterclass - Building resilience to establish self-care, self-worth and self-confidence.

  4. Relax and be at one Masterclass- Mindfulness practises being at one with yourself and your environment. 

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