Holistic Therapy Facial

What is Holistic Therapy Facial ?

Holistic facial looks at the skin as a complex system that affects every organ within the body and the person itself.

We use Beulah's handcrafted aromatherapy products that are bespoke to the client’s personality and makeup. Making our products free from chemicals and harsh preservatives as they are natural, vegan friendly and sustainable sourced.


Why Holistic Therapy Facial ?

Regular Holistic Therapy Facial is one way of encouraging our bodies to heal and repair itself and increasing our sense of well-being.

Regular Holistic Therapy Facial:-

  • reduces or eliminate bags and circles from under the eyes,

  • reduces wrinkles and stress lines,

  • reduce stress and tension in the face, neck and shoulders,

  • reduce sagging loose skin on the face and neck,

  • improve complexion colour and so encourage smooth and radiant  skin

  • Lack of colour and vitality in the face

Promote and encourage

  • Smooth, radiant skin

  • An increased sense of well-being

  • Relief of headaches

Techniques used

​We use a variety of techniques which include, acupressure points, which encourages relaxation and reduces tension throughout the body. Lymphatic drainage, assists in the removal of toxins and excess water from the surface of the face. Facial massage, which stimulates circulation, encouraging nutrients and oxygen supply to the surface of the skin; and releases tight muscles to give a youthful look - a natural face lift.


Facial holistic Services Offered

1Holistic Aromatherapy Facial (Beulah signature) -This involves the skillful application of essential oil blends matched to your skin type, taken from your initial consultation. The blend take care of your skin and at the same time regulate endocrine and nervous function, calms the mind and stimulates the body’s own innate healing tendencies. Includes face, neck, decollete and shoulders. This session begins with cleanse and tone.

2 Holistic Facial (Beulah Signature) Combines therapeutic facial massage with the application of organically resourced, and handcrafted eye mask, cleanser, toner and moisturisers. 

Holistic Detox Facial All of Holistic facial plus organically resourced and handcrafted exfoliation, cleansing peel and healing detox mask.

Our detox mask are beneficial in various ways as:-

·         removes toxins and impurities

·         a remedy of oily skin and acne

·         saturates skin with nutrients

·         rejuvenates the skin

·         improves circulation

·         unclogs pore sin the skin

·         promotes a healthier skin

Also, includes therapeutic massage for the face, head, decollete, shoulders and neck areas.​

Holistic facials have many Benefits which are as follows:


  • Holistic facial massage relaxes the muscles, improve skin regeneration, and skin renewal

  • Relaxation of facial and eye muscles

  • Release from tension form headaches and facial pain

  • Easing of stress and anxiety

  • Overall physical and mental relaxation

  • Relief from eyestrain

  • Relief from neck tension

  • Alleviation of premenstrual water retention

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