Staying  COVID  Secure 2020

In line with government safety for being COVID-19 secure Beulah tempora -Therapy Boutique has undertaken risk assessments and training to ensure the safety of clients and therapist.


If you feel unwell, you must go and get tested and self- isolate as per government instructions for up to 14 days. Here is how you book a test:

· if-you-have-coronavirus/


Before arrival for treatment

1. Pre-booking for appointments only, as this allows for allocated time for deep cleaning to take place between each client. 


2. Pre-Screening Assessment: You will need to undertake a pre-screening assessment 24 hours before treatments or as soon as - this will be rechecked on the day of your appointment. 


3. NEW CLIENTS: New clients will have the opportunity to complete a consultation form and then forward this back to us. We will discuss the consultation form on the day of your appointment and continue with any initial consultation procedures. 


4. Arriving on time: Clients need to arrive on time for their appointment. If you arrive late for your appointment we will have to make your appointment time short.

5. Treatments will be adapted to last no more than an hour, to ensure time for cleaning, between each client.

6.  Price increases: In evidently, we will be increasing the charges for 

· services to allow for the cost of PPE and deep cleanse. 

7. Cleaning: We will be carrying out deep clean of all surfaces and we will be providing hand- sanitisers for the cleansing of hands. 

8. Shoes: You will be asked to remove shoes before you enter into the treatment area.


9. PPE – Therapist will be wearing PPE during therapy sessions and this will vary between the types of therapy offered and will include gloves, face mask, disposable aprons, and clear visors. Visors will be cleaned between clients.

10.  Hands to be washed regularly, as per protocol.


11. Cancellation policy has been updated in relevance to COVID- 19 of developing COVID - 19 symptoms, or if you have been told to self - isolate due to Track and Trace Unit.

12. We can no longer provide water to drink after therapies treatments. Drinking water is very important as it flushes toxins from the body. We ask all clients to provide their refreshments.

13. TOILETS AND COMMUNAL AREAS- Please follow the guidance of leisure centre. 


   he leisure centre has in place social distancing measures to ensure that a 2-metre safe distance is kept by everyone who uses the facilities. 



· Beulah Tempora - Boutique Clinic


Hand sanitization – We will provide hand sanitizer (alcohol-based hand rub – ABHR) at the entrance to your clinic 


· Face Coverings – Clients can choose to wear a face-covering during treatment if they so wish. We appreciate that this would be very uncomfortable especially when laying prone into a face cradle or face hole. 


· Temperature Check – Clients temperature will be checked on arrival.


· Tissues – Clients will be told that if they need to sneeze or cough, they should do so into a tissue that is immediately disposed of in the covered bin. They will then ask them to sanitise their hands after.



KEEP TO TIME - We ask that clients arrive on time to their appointments as to reduce contact between clients and to ensure efficient time for deep clean to take place, between clients. Clients who arrive, we would have to cut the treatment short. 

Temperature check - The average normal body temperature is generally

accepted as 98.6°F (37°C). Some studies have shown that the "normal" body temperature can have a wide range, from 97°F (36.1°C) to 99°F (37.2°C). A temperature over 100.4°F (38°C) most often means you have a fever caused by an infection or illness (Medline Plus Medical Dictionary 2019). 



Deep clean all surfaces that the client has been in contact with. The recommended time for space between clients needed for this is 30 MINUTES. 


We will each week use during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, UV and Ozone light treatments will be used to help control the spread of the virus, by cleaning and disinfecting room weekly. 



· 1. Clients details would have to be passed over to the NHS Track and Trace if these details are requested should we be found to have come into contact with an infected person. 

· If contacted by the Test and Trace Service we would have to follow the guidance to cancel all appointments and self-isolate for up to 14 days.


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