Package Massages are superb and come with many benefits, in reducing pain, to increasing mobility, to reducing stress and tension, to increase relaxation.

A lifestyle change. 

Packages: All Packages reduced offer of 10%

  1. Aromatherapy Pack of 6, £110 

  2. Deep Tissue Pack of 6, £233.28

  3. Advanced Clinical Massage Pack of 6, £233.28

  4. Neck pain, Whip lash and Headaches Pack of 6, £233.38

  5. Hot Stone Back Pack of 6,  £259.20

Black Spa Stones

Mix and Match​


The perfect combination of treatments.

Pick and choose for your massage session, mix and match from the list below.


Aroma therapy facial,

Head massage,

Aromatherapy back massage,

Aromatherapy Massage,

Hand massage,

Foot massage,

Deep tissue massage,

Myofascial Massage,

Holistic Facial


  1. Build your own package of 2,, £45.00

  2. Build your own package of 3,  £60.00 

  3. Build your own package of 4, £75.00

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