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Massage therapy Packs of 3 and Packs of 6
Aromatherapy Packs of 3 and Packs of 6
Massage Therapy Packages

Packages of 3:

Massage Therapy Pack of three £81.54

Includes 30 minute therapy choices

Hot Stone therapy

Deep tissue massage therapy

Acupressure Seated Massage

Myofascial release therapy

Advanced Clinical, back, neck and shoulders

Massage Therapy Pack of three £118.26

Includes 45 minute therapy choices

Advanced Clinical Massage

Deep Tissue Therapy

Hot Stone Therapy

Detox Holistic Facial

Abdominal Massage therapy (30 mins)

Package of 6

​Includes 60 minute therapy choices

Deep Tissue Therapy

Advanced Clinical Massage

Advanced Clinical Neck Pain and Whiplash

Hot Stine Therapy

Detox Holistic facial (45 mins)

Abdominal Massage (30 mins)

Black Spa Stones



Aromatherapy Packages

Aromatherapy Pack Of 3

Includes 30 minute therapy choices

Aromatherapy Massage

Hand Massage

Foot Massage

Leg Massage

Holistic Aroma Facial

Aromatherapy Pack of 3

Includes 45 minute therapy choices

Body Massage

Back Massage

Holistic Aroma face and scalp

Mix and Match​


The perfect combination of treatments.

Pick and choose for your massage session, mix and match from the list below.


Aroma therapy facial,

Head massage,

Aromatherapy back massage,

Aromatherapy Massage,

Hand massage,

Foot massage,

Deep tissue massage,

Myofascial Massage,

Holistic Facial


  1. Build your own package of 2,, £45.00

  2. Build your own package of 3,  £60.00 

  3. Build your own package of 4, £75.00

 Professional Memberships
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