100% organic Natural Inhalers
Respiratory Relief:
Blend of eucalyptus with lavender, reduces inflammation, eases breathing, reduces irritation, and relieves headaches, natural antihistamine.
Breathe Easy:
Blend of peppermint with Manuka, opens nose, relieves headaches caused through stuffed sinuses, anti- inflammatory, natural antihistamine.
Congestion Relief:
Blend of chamomile and lemon, calms respiratory, cleanse toxins and reduces bodies’ reactions to allergens

Aromatherapy for hay fever, are very effective at relieving the symptoms of allergies. Natural antihistamines to relieve inflammation. This helps to soothe muscles and nerves in your respiratory system making it easier to breathe. The antimicrobial properties of many essential oils also help to remove the source of the allergen by killing off allergy-causing pathogens.

Hay Fever- Aromatherapy Inhaler Sticks

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