You are what you eat: Food for Thought

You are what you eat, in its literal sense is true when considering brain functions.

The brain, is the central part of our nervous system and it needs a good supply of blood that carries nutrients and oxygen to it. As with most cycles the waste is carried away, the method used by our bodies is via the blood stream.

Looking after our brain is fundamental to well- being and endurance, aiding in keeping us healthy. What we eat can play an important function to looking after our brain health for example:

· Fish, has a high concentration of essential omega oils and essential fatty acids. Omega 3 is essential for the function of nerves. In addition eating fish can reduce the risk of dementia.

· Nuts, contain high levels of essential fatty acids, iron that help the brain to work to its optimum, mental alertness and to retain information.

· Whole grains, can lead to enhance memory function.

· Apples, the peel of an apple contains a compound known as quercetin and this enhances memory retention.

· Dark Chocolate, increases alertness and clarity.

· Water, keeping hydrated can reduce fatigue and help us stay focused.

The list of good foods for the brain further includes green leafy vegetables, onions, beans and pulses, eggs, green tea and fresh fruits.


Exercise is a great way to reduce stress and getting oxygen, which in turn supports brain functions.

Having 10 minute breaks increases oxygen levels, boosting alertness and leaves you feeling refreshed.

Massage looks after the brain functions by reducing anxiety and stress, increasing blood flow carrying oxygen and nutrients to the brain. Get 10% off your next massage using your voucher below.

Health is wealth.

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