Why Holistic Health Nutrition Coaching could Just be for you!

Updated: Feb 12

Have you tried one diet, then another?

Or is there too many types of diets and you are unsure of which direction to go?

Have you dieted, but found that you have gained more weight, than when you first begin?

Meet Janine

Meet Janine... She has tried various diets and without success. Holistic Health Nutritional Coaching service provides individualised programmes to suit you. Why not book a free consultation to day.
Nutritional therapy

When Janine first started dieting she lost a lot of weight and was able to fit into medium-sized clothing. She looked good and this boosted her confidence.

However, Janine began to eat normally. She found that her weight came back instantly and then increased. She again started dieting. She went from one diet fad to another, with very little change. She felt hopeless and eventually gave-up.

Janine desperately wanted to take charge of her life but felt that she needed some support. She wanted to look good and feel good.

Holistic Health Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Health Holistic Coaching, we aim to look at the whole-person perspective. We use a mix of nutritional education as a primary tool and coaching each person is unique and mentoring the individual through the building of health, and engage each cooperatively in their health recovery process working to an empower through:-

  • A detailed diet and lifestyle assessment

  • Meal assessment and planning

  • Lifestyle goals

  • Stress management

  • Educate on wellness and nutrition

  • Advice on wellness supplements, where required

  • Provide follow up review sessions and mentoring sessions

  • Meal plans to improve mood,


Programmes are designed for you and around you.

Studies have shown that success happens other time. So, rather than a quick fix, our programmes are designed to run for 10 weeks.

It is a journey, so I will walk with you through your journey in meeting your holistic health nutritional goals. There are three bespoke programmes dependent on the type of support you require, whether you are an independent walker, to walking closely by your side.

What we do not do!

Carry out medical advice

Do not diagnose or treat illnesses

Make unproven health claims

What do we do?

Promote active lifestyle change

Teach healthy nutrition

Book a free Healthy better to Success, 30 minute consultation to day, details can be found here.

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