Tension Triangle, re-edited

Tension Triangle

Tension Triangle simply refers to a band of tension or stress from the head, down to the neck, and around the shoulder. There are many causes, and we will focus on three; desk-bound jobs, emotional pressure and stress and anxiety.


Now, according to Mr Wolf, who is a physical therapist and neurophysiologist. He looks at the psychological impact of people at desk bond jobs and who are continually under pressure. He claims that people who are in "intense, sedentary jobs are particularly prone to chronic shortening of the muscles,''... ”The buildup continues each day as the tensions repeat. As time goes on, their neck and shoulder muscles get shorter and shorter.”

Emotional Pressure

Our bodies, tissue, hold onto memory such as emotions, Muscle Memory. Now through emotions of fear, anger and frustration and these can become stored in the muscle tissue resulting in tensed muscle. If left prolonged the muscle become chronically tense, accompanied by pain.

"Tense muscles in the jaw and neck cause headaches by constricting blood flow to the head and scalp.".

One of the benefits of massage is that it is a tool in itself to release emotions - so what was chronically tight, relaxes.

Stress and Anxiety

Being in a state of stress and anxiety causes muscles to contract. Depending on the levels of stress experienced muscle contraction can occur for a length of time, Muscle Stress. Prolonged muscle stress can lead to muscle becoming hard, reducing movement and resulting in the feeling of pain, i.e, neck pain and shoulder pain.

Continued muscle stress can trigger other reactions in the body and even result in stress-related disorders. Massage helps to reduce stress.


· Stretch and move around;

· Hydrate and eat healthy snacks,

· Exercise;

. Plenty of rest

· Good Posture when sitting and standing

· Hot shower

· Most importantly massages therapy, Massage such as Hot Stone therapy, is superb as it soothes away muscle aches and pains, uplifts, reduces stress, tension and anxiety and can be beneficial for a stress-related digestive disorder. Hot Stone therapy

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