Nutrition and Lifestyle change James Gallagher’s article produced for the BBC Diets and Health.

Have you heard the phrase ‘You are what you eat’? There are now research that refers to the notion of what we eat determines our longevity and reduce health conditions. With emphasis placed on quality foods and on balanced diet: Along with controlling our weight, staying physically active, not smoking, only drinking alcohol within the recommended limits and keeping blood pressure low and keeping our cholesterol in check are all associated with better brain health in old age?

‘Poor quality diets’ are damaging hearts and causing cancers and furthermore, poor diets is now considered to be a global issue.

Global burden of disease study, is the most authoritative assessment of how diets can be seen to be cutting one in five lives short every year.

The foods we wat is putting 11 million people into an early grave each year

Foods that are the bigger killers are listed below:

1. Too much salt – 3 million deaths

2. Too few whole grains- three million deaths

3. Too little fruit – two million deaths

4. Low levels of nuts, seeds, vegetables, omega 3 fish old and fibre

Low quality diets affects the heart: Cardiovascular disease, 10 million out of 11 million diet related deaths

To conclude, when looking at diets for health. The importance should be stressed on healthy balanced diet and quality good food for maintenance to optimum health.

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