Mother’s day special

Mother’s Day is one day in the year where we remember and celebrate our mothers. A time where we show appreciation, and to bring across the depth of importance of our mothers are to us.

So! What are you going to give your mother on Mothering Sunday?




A meal?


An Aromatherapy Hand or Aromatherapy Foot Massage?

Hand or foot therapeutic massages make beneficial gifts because they provide a way to show appreciation, expression of love and provides that special moment.

There are 10 reasons why aromatherapy hand or foot massage makes a terrific Mother's day gift.

1. Aromatherapy is bespoke, benefit to your health and well-being

2. Brings tranquility and relaxation

3. Improves circulation n and cleansing

4. Balance and brings harmony

5. Energies and rejuvenates

6. Enhances immunity

7. Improves range of motion, such as hands

8. Reduces Stress

9. Reduces blood pressure and heart rate

10. Natural pain relief and reduces swelling in hands are feet

11. Foot massage gives relief from cancer symptoms and chemotherapy

12. Foot massage gives relief of PMS Symptoms

This mothering Sunday why not book either an Aromatherapy hand or foot massage

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