Making the best of Christmas 2020

Taking a Mindful Approach

We live in uncertain times, where we have to cope with changes through the after-effects of Brexit and the impact of COVID19 may have on our everyday lives. However, taking a Mindful approach may help us to create a Christmas with a difference.

Early Christmas Planning

Planning your Christmas early cuts down on stress, helps you to budget within your means and to prepare for the unexpected.

October is nearly up, looking at things we can pull together.

  1. An event calendar, An event calendar gives you room to think and jot down things that you may need to do, places to go and people to contact. Also, plan for the unexpected you could set two possible dates A and B? Would you look online? Ask a friend or member of your family? What possible options could you use? 

  2. Your budget, this could be a time to check your Christmas budget. You can consider where you want to spread your money and how much in each area. Careful planning will help to reduce spending and give focus.

  3. Christmas decorations, decorations are superb during this time of year as they help to brighten the dark and long evenings and can be pleasing to look. Things to think about can be the colour theme, plan our decorations and if your creative, you can plan your craft design.

  4. Christmas dinner, this is a time to plan the menu, the foods to be purchased and when. Will you be cooking/ baking from scratch? When will you need to start the cooking/baking? 

  5. Christmas present, are you the type of person who has bought Christmas presents throughout the year and if so, are there any persons that are still missing? Do you need to put together your Christmas list? Could you be starting to purchase stocking fillers?

  6. Declutter your home, as this brings in the Christmas feel. If you have to self-isolate and you are feeling well, this can provide you with focus and engagement, with a purpose.

You can share your ideas with family and friends and bounce ideas between you and if you are a bubble you can complete tasks together or select each other roles. 

Please share your ideas below. You can like and share.

We still have referral offering, Refer a Freind. Take a look at our gift vouchers.a

We still have referral offering, Refer a Freind.

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