Coronavirus: Lets Us Talk

Due to significant life changes and uncertainty, many of us are experiencing anxiety. Anxiety can have a negative impact on our mental wellbeing. As a qualified psychologist/ holistic therapist I have decided to play my part and to help out during this crisis. I will be running online mindfulness, master classes. You can receive all four mindfulness sessions for £20.00.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is an element of positive psychology. Mindfulness is seen as a powerful tool with many benefits to building confidence, self-awareness, reduce stress, to protect against depression and anxiety. Developing coping strategies with skills of resilience to rejection and isolation.

The impact of coronavirus pandemic is global and its effect has been enormous. It would not be surprising if feelings of stress and anxiousness that have arisen through this time of uncertainty affecting our economic and environmental future. 

what we offer

As a qualified psychologist, I will be running a mindfulness course with the aim of putting you back in the driver's seat.

The course is broken into four segments which are:

  1. reducing anxiety

  2. Management

  3. Methods

  4. Activities

Book your session today only for £5 per class

Click here to book and register. 

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