5 Benefits of massage after exercise

Had a good work out? Side effects?

Aches and pains… Tension… Restrictive motion… Sore Muscles…

After a good or intense work out this can lead to muscle soreness, resulting in minute tears within the muscle fibers. This can lead into an immune response and inflammation as the body attempts to repair itself, and as the body attempts to repair itself you can experience various symptoms such as aches and pains, tension, reduced mobility and sore muscles; and if left prolonged can result in muscle injury.

Regular post workout massage can help alleviate stress, tension, and anxiety while promoting relaxation by activating your parasympathetic nervous system. Massage gives you an increase in dopamine and serotonin levels and a reduction in cortisol, which are directly linked to stress (AMTA, accessed 2018)

The 5 Benefits of Massage after exercise

1. Soothes Sore Muscles- After an intense workout muscles can feel tight or tense, bringing on the sensation of pain. Pain can increase overtime and can lead to serious injury. A post workout massage may reduce or prevent pain and injury, and decrease muscle soreness.

2. Helps your muscles work better- research show that having a massage after exercise can speed up recovery time twice as regular rest. As massage increases blood flow and increase the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the muscle. Also, therapeutic massage has been known to unlock the muscle. Unlocking the muscle, restores range of motion, which allows your muscles to move and coordinate movement more efficiently.

3. Increase flexibility- After a workout, your muscles can feel tight and restricted- muscle tension. Having a post workout massage helps to release tension and quicken recovery, and improved flexibility.

4. Eliminates toxins- During exercise your body accumulates lactic acid. The accumulation of lactic acid can be the main source muscle soreness and muscle fatigue. Massage breaks up the lactic acid in your body and removes muscle soreness.

5. Helps you feel mentally better- Therapeutic massage increase endorphins, responsible for bringing out emotions of happiness and at the same time stimulates the natural bodies’ pain relief. Massage also reduces cortisol production within the body, which brings on stress relief and relaxation.

Therapeutic massage brings about a nice balance between a hard work out and self-care maintenance

Stretching is the unsung hero of exercise that keeps your muscles flexible, free from injury and feeling young. When combined with regular massage, these two activities support your body post- workout to releases accumulated lactic acid that may cause muscle soreness and release tension that is held in your muscles. Nicole A Carlin, Sept 201

After a workout, your muscles can feel tight and restricted muscle tension. Having a post workout massage helps to release tension and quicken recovery, and improved flexibility.

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