For the Benefit of Health

The health benefits of Therapeutic Massage should be recognised as a therapy that not only helps us to relax, or to reduce stress and or to reduce pain, but should be seen as a health benefit.

One of the important aspects of massage therapy can be seen to improve muscle tone, helps to improve posture and helps to improve skin condition and according to DR Health, massage is beneficial for certain health conditions.

Muscle tone-

There are various ways in which we can look or describe what we mean by muscle tone. For this article we will focus on muscle tone as being muscle in a state of rest - This is where the muscle is at rest and whist the muscle is at rest it remains in a constant state of partial contraction, ready to be used for action.

Now muscle tone is important as it provide for various functions including that which assists in balance and control.

Muscle posture

Muscle imbalance is when the muscles are in a state of tightness- weakness, causing muscle tension, adhesion, knots, poor posture through overused muscles, and muscle stress. A resultant factor of modern day lifestyle and sedentary living and working environments that can put strain on our necks and head that in turn can have an effect on other areas of the body, with increased risk of muscle injuries.

Massage for Health

Massage therapy uses a variety of techniques and procedures that work towards releasing the muscles, encouraging drainage and increasing nutrition to cells. Massage therapy can be viewed as a corrective procedure to promote muscle tone.

Massage for health helps to:

· Eliminates toxins and free radicals

· Improves skin tone and texture

· increases blood and lymph circulation

· Increased supply of oxygen and nutrients to body tissue

· Improved metabolism

· Improved immune function

· Increased energy levels

· Increased feelings of well-being

· Reduce pain and increase flexibility

As part of your New Year Goals for life style and Health, Kick Start Your Year with a Therapeutic Massage.


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