The perfect pair- Massage and Exercise

Being active not only is beneficial for our physical bodies. As highlighted by Darebee, physical exercise is beneficial for both emotional wellbeing and mindfulness.

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The Perfect pair Massage and Exercise.

Massage and exercise provide us with a full and rounded regime.

Massage maintains muscle tone, reduces soreness and stiffness, prepares muscles for pre-work out, and help muscles to relax - post work out. Massage acts as maintenance to exercise.

Let me provide more details as to how massage and exercise compliment one another by looking at the benefits of massage:

  • Massage Acts as a Pain relief- After vigorous or intense workout your muscles become tight, prolong tightness of muscles can lead to pain and aches, which can increase and lead to injury. Post workout massage helps to decrease the soreness of muscles, improves circulation and removes built up toxins from within the muscle.

  • Massage Helps to Improve Muscle Function- Fascia’s are connective tissue found under the skin. Fascia helps muscle to work smoothly and efficiently. Regular exercise and deep emotions can damage fascia, causing congestion.

"The fascia can get really gunked up with repeated exercise, and that makes it harder for muscles to slide past each other easily". Massage helps by loosening up those fibres so the muscles are doing what they're supposed to with much less effort.

Recent studies and scientific research has shown that there is a direct correlation to fascia and our health and well-being.

"Evidence suggests that ‘our issues live in our tissues’ and therefore when the fascia is damaged, this is reflected in how we feel on an emotional and physical level. Therefore, by working with the fascia you can really start to work with some deep-seated ailments, helping to lead you back to optimal health”.

  • Massage Increases flexibility- helps to keep your body young and improves performance. As you age you lose flexibility within your muscles tissue, so muscles become stiff. Massage as well as movements of stretch help to encourage muscle to become more flexible and toned.

  • Mindfulness- massage encourages endorphins a hormone that encourages happiness, it also acts as a pain reliever, and stress reliever.

A study in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness found that the psychological the benefits of a pre-workout massage reduced stress, reduced tension, and reduced anxiety. The massage relaxed and allowed for focus to get the most from your workout.


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