The Benefit of sleep

Benefit of Sleep

Sleep is one of nature’s rules that we all have to follow. However, in a modern day world of electricity, which brings with it light, 24 hour entertainment with technology that uses computers, televisions, gaming and least of all telephones.

On top of all the technology we have in our society there are work life patterns of working longer hours, shift work and within our working lives we have to cram in exercise, food and social lives.

So how does sleep come into this? How important is sleep for you and me?

There are various researches on sleep and needs of sleep to our bodies. There are 12 benefits listed below.

Benefits of Sleep

1. Sleep is one of nature’s natural beauty treatments

2. Keeps your heart healthy

3. Products we use on our skin and hair penetrate better when we are at rest, and so are more effective. In other words sleep exemplifies our beauty regime.

4. Skin complexion is at its best due to circulatory system as the body brings blood flow close to the skin.

5. There appears to be a phase in sleep known as the Beauty Sleep. This is the period of deep sleep. During the deep sleep phase your body produces more growth hormones that help to repair and rebuild body tissues. A crucial factor to production of collagen, which helps to give ‘The Youthful Look’.

6. Sleeps prevents you from packing on the pounds i.e., from putting on additional and unwanted

7. Sleep keeps your brain alert and ready to respond

8. Balances your body systems: such as blood pressure, immune system more active in defending the body.

9. Boost your mood and reduces irritability.

10. Improves your sex life

This list can go on and on…

The Impact of having insufficient sleep/ sleep deprivation

On the other hand lack of sleep, or sleep deprivation can have an effect on a person’s health and well-being. Sleep deprivation can result in an increased risk of chronic diseases. Lack of sleep increases the levels of cortisol, which is a stress hormone. Increased levels of cortisol causes the heart to over work, can lead to fat deposit on the abdomen. Sleep deprivation weakens the skins natural defence and impacts on the skins natural collagen.

Massage and Sleep improvements

There are a growing number of researches that are indicative of the role massage can have in encouraging sleep. Outlined below are two researches:

· Forty-six adults were randomly assigned to a massage therapy or a standard treatment control group. Those assigned to the massage therapy group were massaged by a therapist once a week for a 4-week period. The massage therapy group versus the control group had less pain and greater grip strength after the first and last sessions, and their anxiety and depressed mood scores decreased more than the control group, as well as decreased sleep disturbances. (Field, T., Diego, M., Delgado, J., Garcia, D., Fink, C. G. Hand pain is reduced by massage therapy. Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice, March 2011.) Abstract

· Twenty-four adult fibromyalgia patients were assigned randomly to a massage therapy or relaxation therapy group. They received 30-minute treatments twice weekly for 5 weeks. Both groups showed a decrease in anxiety and depressed mood immediately after the first and last therapy sessions. However, across the course of the study, only the massage therapy group reported an increase in the number of sleep hours and a decrease in their sleep movements. In addition, substance P levels decreased, and the patients’ physicians assigned lower disease and pain ratings and rated fewer tender points in the massage therapy group. (Field, T., Diego, M., Cullen, C., Hernandez-Reif, M., Sunshine, W., Douglas, S. Fibromyalgia Pain and Substance P Decrease and Sleep Improves After Massage Therapy. Journal of Clinical Rheumatology, April 2002 – Volume 8 – Issue 2 – pp 72-76.) Abstract

Taken from 20/7/18

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Aromatherapy and Sleep

When used properly Aromatherapy can give you better sleep quality and reduce insomnia as the oils bring about a sense of harmony, well-being and relaxation, sense of harmony, well-being and relaxation, which in turn will promote sleep.

Aromatherapy oils can be added to your bath water, 1 hour or so, before your retire to bed.

Massaged onto your body or a few drops can be added onto a handkerchief and placed on your pillow as you sleep.

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Links to Sleep disorder

When looking at other approaches to sleep disorder, the links below maybe of useful.

Always remember to firs consult with your GP.



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