Work Stress

Look through the list below, and highlight any that associates with you:


Sleep disturbances

Difficulty in concentrating

Short temper

Upset stomach

Job dissatisfaction

Low morale

If you can relate to any of the above, maybe you could be affected by job stress.

Stress v Balance

Your body works hard at maintaining a balance. When your body is working in balance, you are at optimum health.

Walter Cannon, 1932, an American physiologist, highlighted the importance of the body to maintain a constant balance as being important for every cell, organ and body systems to work properly. Therefore we need balance within the bodies PH levels, fluid levels, nutrients and temperature.

Furthermore, when looking at stress, stress is anything that creates an imbalance. Stress is not a problem if it is short lived, because the human body has the ability to adapt and make adjustments to bring the body back into balance.

Chronic Stress

However, if stress is constant and long term, this is where problems can begin.

When stressful situations go unresolved, the body is kept in a constant state of activation, which increases the rate of wear and tear to biological systems. (Author unmown)

There are various factors that can result in chronic stress within the work place. These factors can range from heavy workload and infrequent breaks, long hours, constant use of telephones, poor communication, and lack of support, job insecurity, and noise; actually this list can go on and on.

Stress on Health

Health care expenditures are nearly 50% greater for workers who report high levels of stress. - Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine

Stress affects our bodies in various ways including mood, sleep, concentration, stomach, and morale and job satisfaction. Further research identifies the following stress factors as follows:-

Cardiovascular Disease- Prolonged stress can affect heart rate and hormone activities both affecting the body by causing hypertension, heart attack and strokes.

Musculoskeletal Disorders – Prolong stress can cause chronic tension. Chronic tension can lead to stress disorders which can result in tension headaches, migraines, muscle weakness and muscle wastage, age of other muscles causing some degree of muscle wastage and development of back and upper-extremity musculoskeletal disorders.

Workplace Injury- Although more study is needed, there is a growing concern that stressful working conditions interfere with safe work practices and set the stage for injuries at work.

Preventative care- Stress management

One method of reducing stress in the work place is through massage therapy. As massage therapy encourages relaxation, soothes and calms

Benefits of massage

Advanced Clinical Massage - A study from the found that undergoing deep-tissue massage therapy while listening to soothing music may lead to a decrease in both blood pressure and heart rate. C Wong, et al 2008, Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine

Head Massage – Bodywork focusing on the cranium is a known stress reliever. There are thin muscles on the scalp that can hold a great deal of tension

Aromatherapy Massage – A powerful de-stressor, with the use of essential oils. The nostrils are attached to the limbic system, an area of the brain that controls emotions and influences the nervous system and hormones. As such, inhalation of the essential oil molecules can directly influence physiological and emotional components of stress.

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