Back Pain

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Back Complications

Our backs have many functions in helping us to carry out our daily lives. The back provides structural support, such as our weight and head; helps with movement, to bend and to rotate; provides protection for our nervous system, spinal cord and organs.

Then it is not surprising that if our backs are compromised in any way then various problems can arise to cause discomfort, distress difficulty in sleeping, sitting and walking

Back Pain - A Modern Epidemic

Back pain has always existed.

The difference is that back pain was not as complicated as it is now. Back pain is becoming more prevalent and affecting even the younger generation of children growing up.

After the 1950’s there has been a drastic increase in chronic back pain, which can be described as the modern epidemic of back pain suffers, which can be a resultant of various factors from psychological elements, such as emotional stress, depression; illnesses such as obesity and from certain foods that we consume known as high inflammatory foods.

Examples of inflammatory foods can come from refined sugars, particularly white sugar; refined grains, alcohol, artificial additives and allergen foods. However, one of the major culprits to chronic back pain is excessive sitting, hours of working at a computer and heavy lifting manual work.

Research is now pointing more to our lifestyle of sitting. Our high technical lives from the onset of computers, laptops, to mobile phones that reduce our mobility.

For instance at one time we would have to walk to a phone that was stationary in the home or a phone box positioned outside the home. Now all that we need to do is to pull a phone out of our pockets or from within a bag. We have fewer reasons to move our bodies and so our lives have become more sedentary.

Furthermore, we handle our bodies differently causing undue stress on our bodies that affect our posture, and muscle imbalance.

What are our understandings of Back Pain?

There has been various research and theories on back pain.

Back Pain

Back pain can be seen as progressive. The problem within the back can be present for some time before we can become aware that the pain exists. We are only aware of the problem when we feel the pain.

Pain is one why in which our bodies communicate to us that something is wrong and it is normally recommended that we should first seek medical advice.

What can we do to help support our backs?

When looking at our body posture, we can develop our awareness of how we carry and use our bodies during day to day activities, to maintain our muscle balance.

Also, to increase our movements by becoming more mobile, to reduce excessive sitting by having small breaks, walking and exercises.

When looking at our diets, to include more fruit and vegetables, fish, herbals teas such as green teas and drink. Here, I would include water, purified water or spring water.

Why massage?

Research has found there are certain benefits to massage.

According to Web MD, 2011, states that massage can be taken as a serious medicine, when it comes to treating persistent low back pain (WebMD accessed May 2018).

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Massage Benefits

Reduces back pain

Reduces stress

Improves range of motion

Improves sleep

Beneficial for muscle injury

Speeds up healing

Helps increase circulation

Improves depression


Increases endorphins-

Improves mood

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Chronic Low Back Pain Disability a Modern-Day Epidemic (Doctoral Research Proposal)

Robert C. Hirokawa, DC, MPH

Doctoral Graduate Student, John A. Burns School of Medicine; Department of Public Health

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