The importance of looking after your neck

NB: Always seek medical advice first.

When your neck health is compromised it can affect you in many ways, but yet we take this area of our body very much for granted.

· The pain from your neck can affect other areas of your body e.g. shoulder, arms to fingers.

· In some instances it can limits the capacity to breathe deeply and fully.

· Can be the cause of tension-type headaches, etc.

The neck and its importance

  1. The neck does more than to support our head. For the neck contains blood vessels and nervous tissue that connect to the head, which allows for the access of vital nutrition, nerve impulse messages to flow to-and-from the brain . All important for our bodies to function, such as our heart rate, breathing, immune system, hormones, coordination, balance, and sleep.

  2. Now the neck although is mobile, is delicate and can be affected through injuries such as whiplash, birth injuries, neck trauma. Also our lifestyles can have an effect on our neck from chronic stress, to poor posture, to excess use on the computer that can result to chronic stiff neck. A stiff neck can lead to reduced blood supply to the brain having a knock effect on our health, resulting in poor well-being, reduced energy levels, and breakdown of the immune system, etc.

Neck Care

Neck-related issues can often be prevented by simply taking better care of how we use our necks through,


2. Exercise, and

3. Massages

1 Posture

Good posture is about keeping your body aligned. Good posture goes a long way in in preventing or reducing pain in the back and neck.

On the other hand, poor posture places unnecessary muscle stress and strain. Continuous stress and strain on our muscles can lead to problems linked with discs, to joints and to muscles.

When looking for equipment for daily use Ergonomic Chairs help to support the back and neck. Avoid slouching. Take regular small breaks and use these breaks to be more mobile by walking and stretching.

2 Exercise

3. Massage

Stress does not go away… it accumulates. Make massage therapy a regular part of your personal health

Massage helps to reduce stiffness, and discomfort

Recent studies show that it is the dosage of massage that is important when looking at neck massage. They refer to the 60 minute massages, 2 to 3 times a month, and for chronic, sufferers recommend massage of 60 minutes, 2 to 3 times a week

References (accessed December 2017 and February 2018)

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