Taking a break is a necessity

Are you suffering from tense muscles, stress, anxiety or just need a lovely treat?

Have you ever been tired beyond tired!!

To constantly be tired, beyond tired is not good for your health and well-being and answering yes to any of the above, sounds as if you are calling for a break!

Taking a break from work and from life is truly a necessity that most people overlook and take for granted. No, you don't need to fly and have a vacation every once a week. Just being able to give yourself some down time to unwind and relax is a healthy habit

Hot stone massage is more than just a luxury, but for some people it has become more of a necessity.

Mel Maniam recommended hot stone Massage as one of our most comforting, indulgent treatments.

Patricia Mayrhofer explains how that ‘the heat and energy from the stones penetrate deep into the muscles to achieve a soothing and therapeutic experience. When used with specific technique, the stones allow the therapist to release tight muscle restrictions more efficiently and with less discomfort to the client.

The techniques used by Beulah Tempora – Therapy Boutique is the Lastone therapy massage as this allows for both physical and emotional balance.

Neal Lyons and echoed by Patricia Mayrhofer that “the purpose of this massage is to treat health issues people suffer form. Hence, the scope of the hot stone massage goes beyond simply relaxation and comfort”, as the heat soothes aching and tired muscles, making you feel much better after the massage”.

To summarise ,10 benefits of hot stone massage.

1. A good way to manage stress. Studies show that stress is the number one root of a lot of diseases and disorders. Whether it's stress from work, home or daily activities, the result is the same: too much stress can lead to health problems. And because we can never run away from it, the only way to deal with it is to manage stress efficiently. A hot stone massage offers some relaxing time for your mind and does wonders in releasing muscular tension. Thus this is one of the best ways to relieve you of stress.

2. Effective in muscle relaxation. The heat in the stones is effective in enabling the muscles to loosen up and relax. This makes it easier for deep tissue manipulation.

3. Improves health conditions. More and more doctors are beginning to recommend this therapy as part of medical treatment of a lot of health problems such as Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Hypertension and musculoskeletal problems.

4. Allows better sleep. It's really hard to get a good quality sleep when you're over fatigued. With the relaxation you get from this therapy, it makes it easier for you to doze off into a deep sleep which your body needs to recuperate from daily fatigue. This is why people who have Insomnia are often advised to get this therapy.

5. Relieves pain. Manipulation of muscles can significantly reduce muscle spasm and give comfort to painful muscles so those who suffer from back pains or muscle aches often go for this therapy.

6. Improves blood circulation and flow of energy. The stones are placed on key points of your body known as energy centres which are sometimes clogged or blocked.

7. Allows for easy rehabilitation. Massage can facilitate easy recovery from injuries such as sprains.

8. Releases toxins from your body. When muscles are massaged, toxins that are clogged within are released. This is why; it's advised that clients drink plenty of water after a session to help flush out those unhealthy and unwanted toxins.

9. Satisfies human longing for touch. It's only human to crave for hugs and affection. But since our loved ones are not always within a hug's reach, having a hot stone massage is a good alternative to suffice this need.

10. Gives you a happy feeling. A calming and soothing massage can do wonders in giving you an emotional boost, leaving you with a happier and more positive outlook in life.

A must have! Why not take a break and make a Hot Stone Therapy Massage appointment with Beulah Tempora –Therapy Boutique today! 10% discount for November 2017 Quote: TIMEOUT 10%.

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