4 ways to Dance Yourself to Harmony and Balance

According to Human kinetics (2013) there are four primary components that are important to help us to improve our physical health, giving harmony and balance to oneself.

There are four components are cardiorespiratory, muscular capacity, flexibility and body composite.

1. Cardiorespiratory capacity- This is the ability of the body to take in oxygen, to deliver the oxygen to cells that help to create energy within the cells. This is important because this process looks after your heart, reducing cardiovascular disease, gives endurance and many more. Basically, looks after your heart

2. Muscular capacity - Looks at your muscle capability, the ability of your muscles to perform. This has many long-term benefits as it increase strength, improved muscular endurance, increased basal metabolic rate, increases joint strength, and posture.

3. Flexibility – This is the range of movement or the degree of motion that a joint is capable of doing. Long=term benefits, is decrease in injury, improves range of movements and posture

4. Body composition. This is the ratio of your bodies’ muscle, bones, organ, and fluid; to fat layers under the skin and around organs. Long-term benefits are improved muscle tone, which gives way to improved body function.

Sounds good!

One of the secrets here is LONG-TERM, rather than Short-term.

So why not get yourself down to our SOSA Dance Fitness sessions- Yes it is good for All women of all ages, shapes and abilities …

Local Join us at SOSA Dance Fitness Class, Flixton, Manchester www.beulahtempora.org.uk/sosa

For other local areas www.sosafitness.co.uk

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