Aroma Baths Salts

In addition to our therapy service, we have now our online shop experience. This allows all our clients to extend their therapy sessions beyond Beulah Tempora- Therapy Boutique.

Our September offer, we have been looking along the lines of the summer break and it extension to the month of September.

Our aroma bath salts are an individual experience to relax, and unwind. Our bespoke, Aroma baths salts, is tailored to each client, providing a therapeutic experiences that detoxifies, alkalis, and soothes delicate skin and soothes the nerves, and muscle: Making it good for the body, mind and soul.

Promotional code: September20%

Our September offer this month is a 20% discount on one purchase of aroma bath salts, one per person within the month.

To order click this link

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