Facial Holistic Therapy

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Facial Holistic therapy approach concentrates on the person as a whole and not just the physical skin. Your therapy will first involve an initial consultation, which allows for a bespoke experience. Having regular holistic facial therapy sessions works to provide many benefits for;

· Ageing skin

· Uneven skin texture/ tone

· Poor muscle tone

· Headaches/ migraines

· Muscular tension

· Jaw pain

· Sleep disorder

· Eye strain

· Sinusitis

· Stress and anxiety, and many more...


The benefits of Facial holistic therapy works at both facial skin level and muscle level. Working at both levels help to;

  1. to improve circulation,

  2. maintain moisture balance,

  3. removes toxins,

  4. Improves muscle tone,

  5. improves complexion

  6. releases tension

  7. reduces pain

  8. Releases endorphins and chemical serotonin which provides natural pain relief and enhances the moods,

  9. cell regeneration

  10. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Facial Holistic Therapy with Beulah Therapies

We have three different types’ packages, all superbly unique and beneficial.


Facial Holistic

Facial Detox

Holistic Facial Click to find out more on our packages

In all of our packages we use Beulah’s signature handcrafted aromatherapy products and each package involves facial massage specific to each package chosen.

Facial Massage combined with facial holistic therapy

The structure of your face is made up of more than 50 muscles. Facial exercises help to loosen up face muscles, so giving a more youthful look, an all-natural face-lift.

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