Why Sosa Dance Fitness?

“A 30 minute dance class burns between 130- 250 calories about the same as jogging.”

The intensity of each dance depends on the dance style being used within our SOSA Dance Fitness sessions.

Sosa dance fitness is not only fun, it is low impact and works the whole body. Making SOSA Dance Fitness and activity that is good for the heart, buuilds strength and switches that part of your brain on that helps with coordination and balance.

Target areas of the body worked:-

Core- : dance step moves that will engage the core muscles

Arms - as dance movements include the works of the arms

Legs - Dance movement works your lower body, works your quads and hamstring

Glutes – dance movements that engage the glutes

Back- as dance movements works on the core muscles, they also work on muscles located in your back

Benefits of SOSA Dance Fitness

SOSA dance fitness, not only is it beneficial to the body, but helps to support the emotional and spiritual aspects- a positive towards our well-being.

SOSA Dance Fitness helps three main areas:

  • Flexibility - increases our range of movements

  • Aerobic - raises your heart rate

  • Strength- control of body movements that, help to build strength.

Sounds good?

Why not pop a long to a next Sosa Dance Session, a program suitable for all shapes, sizes ages and abilities.



Dancing as a work out by Jodi Helmer

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