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Health and our life style

According to experts our life styles is having an impact on our health – there is a focus on middle aged people in England. Public health informs us of the following factors that play a major part to our health

· Desk jobs

· Fast food

· Daily grind

For eight in ten people aged 40 to 60 are overweight.

We are living longer, but are poorer in health because we store up problems as we age.

Professor Gray states it is about trying to make people have a different attitude to an ‘environmental problem. Modern life is dramatically different to even 30 years ago. People now drive to work and sit at work.”

By taking action in mid- life you can reduce risk such as type 2 diabetes, dementia, disability.

It about making small changes that can make a big improvement to long term-health.

Furthermore, there have been studies that have shown physical activity has been associated with decreased symptoms of depression. Michael Gregor MD states that “researchers indicate that exercise at least has a moderate antidepressant effect, and at best, exercise has a large effect on reductions in depression symptoms and could be categorized as a very useful and powerful intervention.”

Sosa Dance Fitness- is a small change that can make a big difference to long term health.

Taster sessions for January 2017 offered at half price.

Sourced from Nutritional Facts and BBC

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