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As a practitioner I have linked with Good Heath Naturally as part of our Detox Your Mind program, in looking at how we can find ways to maintain - Good Health Naturally. Our focus news is on Obesity.

Also, I will be introducing to you three health supplements that you can order through the link

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Focus News- Fat V Obesity

It was after a dinner conversation with a couple of old friends when we were directed to the question of obesity – Fat V Obesity.

The question that we were debating on was whether the fats that we eat were the main contributor to obesity? If this was so, the further question was discussed on whether or not we should remove fats from our diets.

  • Firstly, obesity is a disease,

  • Secondly, our bodies require a certain amount of good fats in order for our bodies to function properly.

Good Health Naturally, publication issue 26 focused on obesity in further detail.

Research in 1980, found that 10% of men and 14% of women at that time were likely to suffer obesity; these figures would probably have more than doubled over time.

What causes obesity in people?

Good Health Naturally goes onto say that there are now growing research and evidence, which show that obesity may stem from other factors such as processed foods, and excess sugar, inactivity and stress.

If you look at this very carefully they are all associated to our modern way of living.

Looking at ways to overcome obesity, naturally healthy state four main areas:

  1. Processed foods and high excess sugar – these are all high triggering inflammatory foods and can lead to the problems of obesity. We should try to eat foods that are classed as Healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans, seeds, grass fed meats and fish and healthy oils.

  2. No nutritional support- having high quality supplements work hand in hand with eating healthy foods

  3. Inactivity- lack of exercise is just as harmful and works hand in hand with obesity, as it lowers your immune system and is another leading cause in deaths, as well as obesity.

  4. Stress- stress works close and together with obesity, as it is a prime contributor to obesity. We should engage in stress relieving activates and this is where therapeutic massage comes in.

Recommended products

Cinnamon27: Contributes to the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels.

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