Massage and Detox –Getting into shape

Spring is that time of year for getting into shape.

We exercise and many choose various health options such as detox.

Why detox?

Our bodies are constantly being bombarded by toxins that come from food we eat, the environment and of course the everyday life of stress.

Detoxification is a natural process, where our bodies continually remove excess toxins through our digestive system, urinary system, skin (sweating), circulation, respiratory and lymphatic system. Yes our bodies are quite remarkable.

However, our bodies can become overloaded through our lifestyle such as processed foods, drinks, sugars and pollution. It is not surprising that these organs become overburdened and need extra support.

"Leading to fatigue, constipation, gas, bad breath, low immunity, hormonal imbalances skin problems, poor circulation, mood swings, depression and mucus build-up."

Detoxification, cleansing of our body organs and cells, is an important for maintenance of our general health and well-being

Aromatherapy and Detox

The benefits of oils are powerful and aid in assisting the body to rid itself of toxins. For a detox massage specific oils are chosen for their powerful characteristics, such as to avert nervous tension, and reduce cellulite, simulative and regenerative properties.

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Detox with Aromatherapy as part of your detox programme is affective either as an aromatherapy massage or Hydrotherapy, by soaking in a warm bath to detoxify and stimulate using Beulah's Aromatherapy Baths Salts.


Eliminates toxins and free radicals

Reduces fluid retention and stubborn fat deposit

Improved skin tone and texture

Stimulate organs and lymph system, and circulatory system

Increased supply of oxygen and nutrients to body tissue

Improved metabolism

Improved immune function

Increased energy levels

Increased sense of well-being


Cleanse and detoxify Your body with essential Oils: Young Lives

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