The tension Triangle, which involves the Head, neck and Shoulders.

Tension Triangle

What we mean by Tension Triangle simply refers to a tension band that falls within the top area of your body involving your head, neck and shoulders, for example, your facial muscles could feel stiff from the eye brow to jaw, your neck could feel tense and your shoulders cramped.

”The buildup continues each day as the tensions repeat. As time goes on, their neck and shoulder muscles get shorter and shorter.”

Causes for Tension Triangle

I guess there are many causes for tension triangle to occur, but our focus will be anxiety and tension, as anxiety and tension work hand in hand.

Why Anxiety? We automatically link anxiety to something that happens to us mentally. However, anxiety can have an effect on both our social, physical aspects as well as mental aspect. As anxiety affects the way we live and can causes muscle stress - muscle pain.

For anxiety can lead to reduced exercise, poor eating habits and poor hydration. Areas that get affected are nutrition, exercise and hydration.

Muscle stress. During times of stress and anxiety your muscles contract, when you are stressed and depending on the levels of stress this contraction can occur for some considerable length of time- your muscle remains in a contracted state. This contracted state could eventually lead to muscle hardness, limited movement and thus further pain

Why Muscle tension? The computer revolution- modern work day setting of sitting at a computer, and movement is limited leading to muscle stress. Now according to Steve Wolf, a

People build up tension in neck, shoulder and forehead; muscles within these areas become shortened. Now this muscle tension builds up each day to form chronic shortening of muscles leading to tension in the forehead, clenched teeth to grinding the teeth in the sleep, headaches and stiff neck- The tension triangle

Who does this normally affect?

Muscle pain can affect anyone, including those who are healthy.

Some Remedies-

Stretch and move around;

Hydrate and eat healthy snacks,

Exercise; Plenty of rest;

Good Posture when sitting and standing;

Hot shower

Massages – helps to work on muscles, enables calmness to de-stress


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