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What is Advanced Clinical Massage?

Advanced Clinical Massage is based on the Jing approach comprising of heat, fascia work, Muscles, acupressure, trigger point and stretch.

Our approach is gentle and addresses slowly and sensitively specific areas of pain, working with the clients.



Variations offered

Deep Tissue Massage  focuses on the deeper layers of muscles and with this technique can be carried out on the legs and back. Deep tissue massage uses techniques that works on the fascia, relax tight muscles and so reduces both chronic pain and inflamed muscles. Also known to reduce chronic stress, lower blood pressure aids muscle rehabilitation, alleviates Fibromyalgia symptoms and more.   


​ Lower back Lower back pain can be caused form muscle tension and strain, poor posture, past injuries, fall, stress and discomforts such as sciatica which is associated with the sciatic nerve, which runs from the lower back to the feet. Massage can bring about release.


Neck- whip Lash, neck pain and Headaches   

  • Neck pain and stiffness,

  • Headaches

  • Pain in the shoulders or between the shoulders blades

  • Low back pain

  • Pain or numbness in the arms or hand

  • Dizziness

  • Ringing in the ears or blurred vision

  • Difficulty concentrating or remembering

  • irritability, sleep disturbance or fatigue

Chronic neck pain can be caused by a number of factors from whip lash to stress.

Studies are  showing that 60 minute massages, two to three times a week have been found to be one of the best results in relieving neck pain, to improve function and mobility. 


Advanced combined with hot stones. Ideal for chronic pain and tension. Hot Stone Massage Therapy combined with Advanced Clinical Massage provides release, increase circulation and has a sedative effect on reducing pain, reducing stress and promoting deep relaxation

Myofascial release- stress and tension can cause areas to feel stiff and locked and so resulting in discomfort.  Myofascial release opens muscles and connective tissues within stressed areas to reduce discomfort.                                 




"I've been having regular deep tissue back massages at Beulah Tempora for the last 2 years. Maureen is extremely attentive and professional and puts me at ease, and she always makes my back feel looser and more flexible which helps me so much. The room is comfortable and has everything you need. Her prices are very competitive. I would recommend her to anyone thinking about having massage treatment."

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Hot Stone Massage Therapy


Hot stone massage therapy has been used therapeutically for thousands of years as stones were seen to be beneficial for cleansing the body, relaxing the heart, and soothing the mind.


What is Hot Stone Massage Therapy?


Due to the technique of this therapeutic massage, Hot stone massage therapy provides a gentle but deep effective massage that increases blood and lymph flow , provides deep relaxation  and at the same time as it detoxes it provides a range of oxygen and nutrients to the body.. 


Here at Beulah Tempora, we use basalt stones, which have been created through volcanic activity. The stones are warmed in a water bath. Using a range of massage techniques and stone placing allows for the therapeutic actions allow for muscles release, drawing out muscle pain and discomfort


The benefits of Hot Stone Massage Therapy


The massage action of the Hot stones gently exfoliate the skin leaving it soft and smooth expands   blood vessels, pushing blood and unwanted waste materials through the body whilst speeding the delivery of fresh nutrients.


Benefits of Hot Stone Massage therapy


•Lymphatic drainage and cleansing

•Decongestion of the liver by relaxing ducts

•Relaxes colon for better elimination

•Detoxifies blood with sweating much the same as a sauna

•Helps with hydrating and flushing cells

•Improves circulation

•Relaxes muscles, soothes aches

•Increases range of motion in joint movement

•Relieves stress


Seated Chair Massage

Seated Chair Massage therapy is carried out whilst the client is seated on a chair. We use an ergonomically designed chair that supports the clients allowing for total comfort, and at the same time provides ease of access for the therapist to the client. 


First, Acupressure Seated Massage is a hybrid of ancient arts of Anma and Shiatsu. This technique stimulates and balances the flow of energy or life-force throughout the body and therefore, helps with circulation, releases muscle tension, calms, release endorphins and helps with mood.

Benefits of seated acupressure massage

· Backache

· Repetitive strain injury

· Asthma

· Headaches

· Migraines

· Toothache

· Fatigue

· Sinus problems

· Menstrual pain

· Digestive problems

· Eyestrain

· Anxiety

· Irritability

· Insomnia

· Stimulates lymphatic drainage

· Helps to boost the immune system

· Assist the removal of toxins

· Can reduce stiffness and improve flexibility

Second, Head Massage focuses on all the upper body area that carries and holds onto stress and tension, such as the shoulders, upper back neck and head. 

Benefits of head massage

· Relieves stress and anxiety

· Helps reduce blood pressure and heart rate

· Helps relieve tried eyes and eyestrain

· Helps relieve mental fatigue and helps with concentration

· Good for insomnia, fatigue, headaches, sinusitis, and migraines.

· Increases flexibility in the neck and shoulders and improves the flow of blood throughout the entire scalp. 

· It also provides relief to tired facial muscles.


· relieves anxiety and stress

·  lowers raised blood pressure and heart              rate

·  mental alertness and clarity

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