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Beulah Tempora is a holistic therapy service and we offer a range of therapies within our clinic,  which is based in Manchester. We provide onsite massage therapy in the workplace, aromatherapy and massage treatments, holistic facials treatments in our clinic and you can find wellbeing and holistic products in our online shop. 



"I've been having regular deep tissue back massages at Beulah Tempora for the last 2 years. Maureen is extremely attentive and professional and puts me at ease, and she always makes my back feel looser and more flexible which helps me so much. The room is comfortable and has everything you need. Her prices are very competitive. I would recommend her to anyone thinking about having massage treatment."

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Holistic skincare and well-being products that nurture and care you for.

Gentle and kind, organic and natural products​.

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Founder -
Hi, I am Maureen Anderson-Smith MCHP, MIHNP, MBPsS, MA
 A founder and practitioner of Beulah Tempora Therapy.

The services that we offer are conducted under a professionally qualified therapist. To provide you with exceptional service. 

Each client will undergo a consultation process and therapies are bespoke, using our signature aromatherapy handcrafted products. With our products used we ensure that they are kind both to the environment and for you, as they contain no nasties being organic and natural; vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Making a difference to the community. People come to us from all walks of life with stress, musculoskeletal pain, tension, emotional upheavals and various conditions.

Seeing people leave relaxed, with a smile on their face, pain-free...  is indeed rewarding. More about us...

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